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Can Pet Tarantulas Show Affection? Video

Can Pet Tarantulas Show Affection

Can Pet Tarantulas Show Affection. Tarantulas are basically hairy spiders of the family ‘Theraphosidae’ because generally, spiders possess setae not true hair. Tarantulas of various species are found in the United States, Central America, Mexico.

Nearly all of them can produce silk. They generally borrow or live in the ground. They respire through two pairs of book lungs. They eat large insects and other spiders .

Their sensory organs are called setae which help them detect their surroundings. They release their venom in their defense through their fangs which are hollow extensions of the chelicerae, the segmented appendages, however, their venom has less toxicity.

Can Pet Tarantulas Show Affection

They have very few natural enemies except Wasp. They show the process of molting in which they shed their exoskeleton, they can even change the inner lining of the stomach and lost legs.

The average life span of this animal is 30 years weighing up to 1-3 ounces. Their size is 4.75 inches long and leg span up to 11 inches. There are 1000 species of Tarantulas among them the ‘CHILEAN ROSE’ is generally kept as a pet.

Their large, hairy bodies and legs give people a creepy feeling but they are becoming famous as pets these days.

Can Pet Tarantulas Show Affection / How Much do Pet Tarantulas Cost?

A Tarantula costs 25-75$ on average. Don’t buy the one having legs curled inwards. It should appear moving swiftly. It should be alert enough to respond.

Do Pet Tarantulas Recognize Their Owners?

Tarantulas detect their surroundings through visual, tactile, and chemical stimuli. They don’t have a nose and ears for detecting smell and sound respectively. Animals have different anatomical structures than mammals to detect their surroundings.

Can Pet Tarantulas Show Affection

They have specialized pairs of legs on their legs, pedipalps, and near mouth which help them to detect chemical stimuli in their surroundings. They don’t even remember you but always see them as a potential predator.

I would prefer not to kill the thought absolutely that Tarantula can’t perceive its owner’s quality fairly, yet there is no doubt that a tarantula has just had two passionate settings: Contentment and dread. It is either cheerful or going ballistic.

So I would state no, it likely couldn’t care less. What it might do, is come to perceive the upgrade of your presence as “protected”, as opposed to a danger, however it’s as yet a wild animal. It might simply blow a gasket less when you upset its closure.

Do Tarantulas Feel Affection?

If you think of having Tarantula as your pet and think they will show affection like crawling to your hand to play, they will do pretty much all of it since they work according to their instincts. If we talk about their ability to be affectionate, it is not dependent on their nervous system.

They don’t possess such emotional complexity to understand feelings and emotions. Love and Affection develop from our requirement to bond with somebody. Tarantulas despite being Social spiders don’t come to this list. They are generally aggressive, once in a while, you can get a docile one. So they should be mostly considered as ‘Decorative pet’ like a fish. Although, they are easy to take care of.

Do Tarantulas Like to be Stroked/ Petted?

Yes, if they have an appropriate temperament to handle it. Tarantulas like to be stroked if they are trained from a young age. They will expect it from you if stroked regularly. You should train your pet tarantula not to fear being stroked and even like it. You should always use precautions while handling them as they can get provoked.

How to Pet Your Tarantula Properly

Can Pet Tarantulas Show Affection

Safely pick up your tarantula and securely hold it with your finger and thumb between its second and third pair of legs. Its first reaction is to stop moving when all its legs leave the ground. Make sure it remains static. You can use your other hand to prevent it from falling if it starts crawling. Don’t let him crawl all over the place, keep him confined to your palm for the safety of both.

It might hurt itself badly if it falls from a height of three feet or higher.

Don’t force the tarantula to get stroked. Test the stroking by using a soft- bristle brush so that you don’t activate its defense mechanism. Don’t make it feel like being trapped in any way by pressing or doing something.

Do Spiders Like to Cuddle?

Though they look terrifying, most of them are harmless. Tarantulas respond to their way of handling. They are definitely not a pet that can be cuddled or that like to cuddle. They are usually docile and bite only when provoked. They are not dangerous to human beings.

As they are fragile and dangerous, you don’t want to risk your and its life. It doesn’t give you the benefits of physical and emotional contact. They don’t like to be touched. They can’t be seen as your dog pet who likes to cuddle and shower love. If you are looking for such a pet, Tarantula is not the one for you.

They are not high maintenance or need your attention all the time. They also never get bored. If you don’t have enough time and want to have something unique as a pet you can go for a Tarantula . It is very important to respect your pet. Just because we feed them, take care of them doesn’t mean they owe us. Just like our dog or cat pet doesn’t owe us anything, similarly, Tarantulas don’t owe us anything.

Are Tarantulas Dangerous?

NO, they are not as dangerous to humans. They don’t even bite unless provoked. Its bite resembles a bee sting showing symptoms like swelling, joint stiffness, and pain. Sting is not much vicious unless bitten to a small child or a highly sensitive person.

They are not dangerous to human beings. As they are fragile and dangerous, you don’t want to risk your and its life while handling them. Its hair on the abdomen causes irritation to us. It can cause inflammation of the nose and eyes and skin rashes. To avoid such things, wash your hands and face after handling it.

How Does it Feel Petting a Tarantula?

Petting Tarantulas can be a fascinating hobby . Don’t be frustrated and confused about having Tarantula as a pet because it’s not an easy job. You are told the wrong information about wasting money on them. Be so passionate and experienced that people consider you as a Tarantula guide. You should enjoy the company.

Become their professional parent after finding that confidence. Learn from the informative, most updated resources about Tarantula care. Spend money only on the most needed things. Don’t think you are going to harm your Tarantula . Give it the best treatment in case of injury. I know you’ll be all over the internet to get the best information you require.

Why Do Tarantulas Curl Up When They Die?

In a closer look, you may notice that its tiny legs are curled up tight against its body. The leg curl of death occurs since spiders don’t use muscles to extend their legs, they harness the power of fluids. The joint where the legs connect to the body, the hip joint is equipped with both extensor muscle to extend the legs and flexor muscles to curl them in. But, other joints in spider legs only have flexor muscles.

To straighten out those joints, spiders pressurize them by pumping them full of hemolymph. Some scientists say that the curling in the motion of flexors is what spiders use to grip their prey and climb your basement walls. But when any spider dies their body experiences all the natural effects of death such as Rigor mortis that’s when a dead body becomes stiff and it happens because the dead body stops producing Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)-

Can Pet Tarantulas Show Affection

The energy source that powers the muscles and relaxes them. Due to lack of ATP, muscles stuck in clench mode. Also, there is no more pressurized hemolymph so there is nothing to combat the flex of those legs which is why they end up permanently curled.

Don’t feel sad because some scientists are taking inspiration from them to design Robots with joints that are light-weighted, flexible and powerful. It can also occur when the Tarantula is either too old, weak or dehydrated. It can occur post injury leading to loss of haemolymph.

If it is on its back, DO NOT touch or flip them because it is their position to molt. They are vulnerable in this position.


Tarantulas are fun to watch. They occupy a small space. They are easy to handle and maintain. Get all the good information and tips to pet them and be a passionate unique parent of Tarantula. I hope we provided you all the information required.

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