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Why Do Deer Run Into Cars?

Why Do Deer Run Into Cars_

Why Do Deer Run into Cars?

Why do deer run into cars? Deer vehicle collision is one of the most serious issues in North America. The reason behind such vehicle collisions is the building of highways near the deer’s natural habitat, which leads to many deer-vehicle accidents. On average, deer-vehicle collisions take the lives of 200 Americans per year. According to an estimate, there were 1.23 million deer-related vehicle accidents during 2012, resulting in an average loss of $900,305.

There are specific reasons behind the query, “Why do deer run into cars,” of these, their unpredictable nature and the car drivers’ negligence are most important. While taking your cars toward the countryside or an area inhabited by deer, you should drive carefully to avoid deer-related vehicle collisions.

Why Did a Deer Run into My Car?

  • There is no wonder you were driving by the countryside and on the highway near the pastures where deer used to graze and meet an accident. While living in an area near the highway, deer become accustomed to loud horns and traffic noise. This thing makes them either wander freely on the side of the road or make frightened to the fast-moving vehicles.
  • When their fear is gone, they start crossing the roads without taking it as a risk anymore, likely to get accidents. Moreover, deer crossing may be due to looking for mates during the rut. In this situation, male deer are more likely to get accidents because of their restlessness due to the high testosterone level.
  • So, please take care while driving on roads where diamond shape yellow-colored deer crossing signs present. While driving, when you see deer running onto the road, stop your car as soon as possible on the side of the road to avoid any collision.
Why Do Deer Run Into Cars_

What Should you do if a Deer Runs in Front of Your Car?

  • Deer runs in front of cars moving on roads near their natural pastures and fields due to specific reasons. While driving, if you see a deer in front on your way or nearby, the best precaution you can take is slowing down your vehicle and making sure the seat belts fast. Self-protection would always be your priority in such a situation.
  • Honk your horn even louder if you see a deer try to make a run toward your side to avoid the collision. Because deer has excellent hearing power, and it will warn the deer of danger. Deer would likely leave the spot before your arrival.
  • If you have seen a deer crossing the road ahead, there might be possible the other deer may follow the prior. During this, if you make haste, it would likely get a collision by another deer while avoiding the first.
  • Sometimes, it might be possible you are traveling during the night from a dense area populated by wildlife, especially deer.
  • One should make sure the high beam of headlights. It will help to keep away the deer from your way on the road. The presence of a high percentage of photoreceptors in the retina of deer makes him get freeze when a high beam of light makes a connection with the deer’s eyes.
  • The other important thing that your car’s headlights can do is to create a glowing reflection that you can easily see from a reasonable distance. Don’t ever underestimate the unpredictable deer’s nature that may lead to severe accidents.

Can You Keep a Deer you Hit With Your Car?

Sometimes, it might happen to hit the deer unintentionally, which may cause vehicle damage and injuries. But at the same time, you would have a messy carcass of deer either struggling for life or already lost his life.

If you are sure the dear has lost his life, it will be best to remove it from the road and make a safe drive for others. But don’t ever try to touch the deer as it may be alive and charge you severe damage with its strong legs.

It would be better to call 911 and report the police about the situation. The police will better know how to deal with the local authorities and contact your insurance company to inform them of the extent of vehicle damage.

The other important thing to consider is keeping the deer. Without a permit, you are not allowed to keep the deer’s carcass as it is illegal. If you want to keep a carcass, it would be best to inform a law enforcement officer. You have options in this situation to either eat the meat yourself or donate it.

Why Do Deer Run Into Cars_

How Dangerous is it to Hit a Deer?

One of the most common questions, “What should I do while hitting a deer,” the simple answer is the need to know the possible situations that might happen while and after hitting deer on roads. Drivers should take necessary precautions to stay safe after such sort of an accident.

Animals are always unpredictable; whenever you see an animal nearby while driving, switch on the necessary precautionary measures to stay safe. During the accident, the deer may approach you through a windscreen and give you a hard time because they are excellent at jumping. A deer can jump as high as to get hit into your car’s windscreen, which may threaten your life.

It is recommended by Katy Swanson, the public safety department, not to leave lane on-road and avoid swerving to avoid putting the other’s lives at risk during such situations in which you are going to hit the deer. Public safety is on top priority, and human lives are important than animals. The situation may get worse, leads to severe damage to your vehicle, and put lives in danger.

What Should You Do if a Deer Runs in Front of Your Car?

While driving on the road in an area densely populated by deer, drive slow and smart to ensure a safe journey as deer are more prone to get hit by a car while crossing the roads at dusk and dawn. This is mainly due to their less perception of the approaching vehicles. Their field of vision at night and photoreceptors’ excessiveness make them get stuck on the center of the road.

Deer take the advancing vehicles just like the foreign objects and get confused. In this puzzlement, despite moving away from the car, they start jumping toward the advancing cars and get hit by it.

Why Do Deer Run Into Cars_
  • Few tips will help you to decide what to do if a deer runs in front of your car on the road.


  • Slow down your speed and stop your car as soon as possible and find a safe place
  • Remain in your lane and avoid swerving
  • Wait for the rest of the squad to cross the road.
  • Make sure the use of high beam headlights at night
  • Use the honking of the horn to scare the deer and help its running.

Can you Keep a Deer you Hit with Your Car?

Without the permission of authorities and having a permit in your pocket, it is illegal to take the deer meat with you. After reporting to Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency within 48 hours, one can take the meat after getting possession permission from TWRA.

One should make sure the contamination level of that meat before consuming like E.coli etc. As in the wild, the animal will not get the antibiotics that will promise safe meat-free of deadly pathogens.

The drivers should learn the hunter education to see either this meat is suitable for consumption or not. It is because wild animals are the sources of zoonotic diseases that may demand your life.

Do You Call the Police if You Hit a Deer and Put it Side of the Road?

As most deer hitting accidents happen on the highways with dense traffic, running will not be an option to choose. At the time of accidents, the situation may worsen, and informing local police should be an option.

Many people run away after hitting the animal, which is not a good practice. You should find help from the police to report to legal authorities to take necessary precautions and avoid such accidents in the future.

The main reason for such incidents is people’s negligence, which will become a life threat for many others. So people should pay attention to this severe problem especially and inform the police as soon as possible.

Is it Illegal Not to Report Hitting a Deer During Deer-Vehicle Collisions?

Why Do Deer Run Into Cars_

Specific questions need clarification, like the reporting of hitting deer. In simple words, you can say NO, but only if you have only hit the deer, not the other property and vehicle while swerving. If you have damaged the other stuff, which often happens, you should report it to the police.

At first, look at the extent of car destruction, then inform your insurance agent to take the necessary action for your claim’s progress. Secondly, it will be better for you to look for a person who can help to make contact with authorities. This will help to notify other people of the risk of getting hit on that spot in the future.

Final Thoughts

It is common to hit by a deer, especially while driving on roads near the pastures inhabited by deer. One should take care while driving on such highways. Always try to look for a signboard that will timely inform you of the risk in advance.

Always be aware when a deer shoot instantly and wants to cross the road in front of you. Your eyes should be mindful of any advancing hazard that may put you in trouble otherwise.